Dear Applicant for the Barbara J. Rakoski Volunteerism College Scholarship,

Holly Club of Joliet was founded 130 years ago by a small group of young women who had a heart for service and wanted to help the less fortunate within their own community. It is fitting, then, that today Holly Club awards scholarships every year to young people who also demonstrate a heart for service.

Barbara J. Rakoski

The Barbara J. Rakoski Volunteerism College Scholarship is named for the Holly Club member who spearheaded the award and who served the club faithfully from 1984 until her passing in 2003.

Holly Club scholarships are one way in which its members demonstrate commitment to the youth in our community. We hope to recognize and encourage young people who are already exhibiting the practice of being outward focused and showing gratitude through the act of giving back.

Consequently, while we wish to award students (male or female) whose GPA and college entrance scores demonstrate the ability to succeed in post-high school academics, it is the characteristic of desiring to serve that is the most important in the selection process.

In 2020, three recipients pursuing a two-year or four-year degree will be awarded a one-time $1,000 scholarship. Application materials are being provided to 16 area high schools; more than one winner per school is permissible.

For an application to be considered, please compile all of the following into *one scanned document* that is saved with your last name first (for example: Smith, Lee – Scholarship File):

  • An electronically completed, typed application using the Word document found on this Dropbox link. (Please download from Dropbox and enable editing in read-only mode so that you can complete the fillable fields.)
  • Your resume.
  • A typed 250- to 500-word essay detailing how your various volunteer experiences have had an impact on you as well as on those whom you have served.
  • One letter of recommendation from an adult who supervises a volunteer activity in which you regularly participate. Details/anecdotes regarding your commitment to service are especially important.

and then attach this one scanned document with all of the above in an email to the address specified in the Word document for Dr. Sandra Martin. Please use the subject line of HOLLY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP FILE.

Deadline for submission is February 17, 2020.


Holly Club’s Barbara J. Rakoski Volunteerism College Scholarship Committee

Barb Hoeft, Pat Pierson, and Sandy Renner