Our History

Today, we continue the work that eight young women started in the summer of 1889 at a home in Joliet. They saw a need in their community and devised a plan to address that need. Here is their story — and our history.

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Our Mission

The mission of Holly Club of Joliet is to charitably address the needs of the less fortunate within the local community, whether these needs be financial, physical, and/or emotional in nature.

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Our Fundraisers

The Holly Club Ball, our primary fundraiser, dates to 1892 and has since become a holiday tradition in Joliet. Our resourceful teenage founders and their patronesses (moms) held the first dinner-dance to raise funds to buy medicine and food for those in need.

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The holiday spirit year-round

With “holly” in our name, you might think Christmas is the only time of year that Holly Club of Joliet members are out and about serving in our community. But the dedicated women of Holly Club find ways, all year long, to provide help to local agencies and individuals in need.

Our organization was founded in 1889, and is the oldest service organization in Joliet, Illinois.

From needs in the community that are obvious to those that are barely visible, we find gaps and fill them. Holly Club of Joliet is 100% volunteer run. All the money we raise stays in Will County.

Always accepting new members

Please find details about membership by clicking the Join Us button. We are always happy to add new members into our sisterhood.